Toreador Cats


Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

Toreador cats was born all thanks to one Oriental Longhair named Mendo. I fell in love with him and showing him, that I wanted to help preserve the Siamese breed group so that others could experience the love and joy we have had from Mendo. In 2007 we acquired our first breeding female Madeline and our first litter was born 2009.

Where do your cats spend most of their time?

Where ever they want! Most of our cats are loose and free roaming in our house. We have 1 room designated for the dirty, spraying cats as these guys only get short stints loose to run free. All cats in the cat room get daily play and enrichment. Our master bedroom frequently becomes the nursery to nursing moms.

Do you breed full time?

It depends on the girls. Some will cycle more frequently and others only once a year. We try to keep it to two litters a year on our girls as this gives their bodies time to recondition and be ready for the stress of motherhood. We also spend a lot of time handling our kittens every day from birth that by keeping to lower numbers means we get to preserve the one on one time with them.

What is your favourite thing about the breeds you work with?

The Siamese breed group as whole (Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair & Oriental Longhair) are like little dogs. They are highly social and interactive cats, they easily learn fetch and will leash train. They love to cuddle and make great bed warmers in Canadian winters!

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

There are so many happy stories and I love getting updates and pictures from owners of Toreador babies. One that stands out the most is a little oriental boy who wound up stuck with me till he was 7 months old, but he became a women's reason to live and fight chronic illness. The two were inseparable until her sudden passing, however this boys broken heart was to be mended by a family who lost 2 kitties (one his little brother) one fateful Christmas. How he has grown and learned to re-trust and given such joy to his new family just brings tears to my eyes with all the happiness they have shared this past year.