Tchesinkut Labrador Retrievers

Tchesinkut Labrador Retrievers

Why do you choose to send your puppies home with Breedsecure’s trial policies?

I send all of my puppies home with Breedsecure's trial policies because I believe it does two things.....first, it provides each new family with the security they need for those first few weeks as their new family member settles in, and secondly, it shows that we are confident in the health of the puppies we produce. As with any insurance, the best thing is if you have it and never need it......but I would never want any of my puppy families to need it, and not have it. Our puppies go home with our kennel's health guarantee, but PetSecure gives them that extra insurance for those emergencies that can happen.

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

In my younger days, before I raised four beautiful sons, I raised American Cocker Spaniels. When my boys were old enough that I felt I would have enough time for showing and breeding again, I began to build my current program, with the versatile and loving family dog, the labrador retriever. I started out with a lovely young boy from a reputable and trusted breeder, and have weathered the ups and downs of showing and breeding, to arrive today at a place I am very proud of. I have just received notice from the Canadian Kennel Club that my Reese (Tchesinkut's Peanut Butter Chip) is now a Canadian Grand Champion, at the tender age of 11 months, as well as the #1 bred-by labrador retriever puppy in Canada for 2016.

What makes you most proud of your breeding program/kennel?

I am most proud of the reputation of our dogs, far and wide. It is always my goal to get to know the families waiting for a Tchesinkut puppy in order to ensure that I am choosing the puppy who best suits their lifestyle and family situation. All puppies are cute, but I want to be sure that the puppy who goes home with each client is going to settle in well, and be a cherished member of their family for the entire life of the dog. The decision of which puppy to place with which family is of the utmost importance, and helps to ensure none of our puppies ever have to be rehomed.

What is your favourite thing about Labrador Retrievers?

There are so many wonderful things about labradors, and I could talk for hours about them but if I have to narrow it down to one statement, I would say that my favourite thing about this breed is that they will run and hike and play with you for hours, but then be happy to lay quietly at (or on) your feet when it's time to relax. This, in my opinion, makes them a perfect family pet!


Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

I don't have any one adoption story that stands out as most memorable because each one is different, and each one is so very special in it's own way. I started a kennel page on Facebook where I invite everyone to share pictures and updates and questions/concerns with each other, and with me, and it has become like a lovely, supportive Tchesinkut family! Now we can share all those special moments with each other!