Rangelandz Pomeranians

Cowboy Up Kennel

Why do you choose to send your puppies home with Breedsecure’s trial policies?

At Rangelandz we strive for health first, followed by temperament and breed standard. As Pomeranians are Toy dogs, this is especially important. We believe in giving our new puppy parents maximum benefits and opportunities for their new furever family members. We believe Breedsecure gives them a healthy start in case of any unforeseen accidents or illnesses.

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

That's a long story! The breed was always my favourite, and life eventually presented me with an opportunity to start a life long friendship with my mentor who provided the foundation Pomeranians to our breeding program. I first contacted her as she was the main contact for the Pomeranian Club Of Canada at the time, and had many Champions as well as endless years of breeding and show experience. We waited almost 6 months for our first furkid - another few months after that for our second, and ultimately after many years, we were able to develop a well-established breeding program.

What makes you most proud of your breeding program/kennel?

We love how we family raise our puppies in our home, in a quality country environment. We also try to provide the most comprehensive puppy kit that makes the puppy the most comfortable transition to their new home, a lot of our customers don't even need to buy anything for their baby at first…they can just take them straight home. AND, all our repeat customers…Pomeranians are like potato chips, they're addictive and you can't have just one!

What is your favourite thing about Pomeranians?

Pomeranians are the best! There are so many great qualities to them, their little faces, bright eyes and fluffy bodies…Our favourite has to be their happy-go-lucky attitude, most Poms are very outgoing and social by nature. Also, and many people don't know this, they are BIG dogs in little dog bodies - heart, soul, and attitude - we heard from one customer their Pom bossed around a Great Dane!


Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

We have met many wonderful people over the years so to pick one story is almost impossible. We treasure and are grateful for each and every new client and everyone has their own stories. Pomeranians are AMAZING support and therapy dogs - a concerned mother contacted us for a puppy to bring her daughter back from depression and an eating disorder. It worked, and the puppy literally motivated her daughter get out of bed again and begin eating. They had a wonderful bond and the family was extraordinarily grateful and happy!