Jasmine Alexander

Persian Kittens

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

It was a wish that started when I was 5 years old. After having seen the Fancy Feast Commercial featuring a Silver Persian in the early 1980s, I fell in love. I desperately wanted to have a cat like this of my own, but my parents couldn't afford one. So, I began surrounding myself with pictures of the breed and doing research. I started borrowing all the books I could find on Cat Breeds and Cat Encyclopedias from my local libraries, and studied the Persian breed - as well as others - throughout my childhood. The more I learned, the more I loved the breed. Then, 25 years later, with my husband's support, we made my wish come true with the adoption of my first Chinchilla Silver Persian. I was in absolute HEAVEN being in the breeder's house. Surrounded by so many beautiful Chinchilla Silver Persians....kittens and adults. Like a kid in a candy shop, I wanted to adopt them all and bring them home with me! I just couldn't get enough. The breeder had asked if I wanted breeding rights and told me think about it. After I brought my "Destiny" home, I knew I wanted to re-create the moments I spent at the breeder's home. My journey as a breeder started in 2008, and I haven't looked back since! My goal is to produce very beautiful and sweet "doll face" Silver Persians, and to better the breed and bloodlines.

Did you have a mentor to help you out in the beginning?

Surprisingly, no. I didn't have a mentor. I was resourceful though, and just like in childhood, I researched and researched and taught myself! Destiny taught me so much of what I know today as a breeder, and for caring and protecting this precious breed.

Do you show your cats?

YES! I show in the CFA. All the shows closest to me are at least a 6 hr drive away (each way!). We go to shows once or twice a year. I am proud to say my cats do very well and have made finals almost every show we attend!

What is your favourite thing about Persian cats?

Their beauty....their disposition....their innocence. They are like little Cherubs. Angels of God....

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

I am very selective of who I adopt to. And every person who adopts a kitten from me has a special story to tell. There isn't one story more memorable than another. Each kitten born here is unique on his / her own account, and each person who adopts is equally as unique and special.

Perhaps what stands out most for me is when the owners come to pick up their new baby. My kittens are SO intuitive that when it is their day to go, they KNOW....and will often run up to the window, or come running down the stairs to see their new "Mom" or "Dad" when they arrive. Almost all of them hop right into their new owner's carrier....as if to say "I'm ready to go now to my new home!" It's incredible and heart warming to see, and makes it easier for me to say "Good Bye" to them. And of course, when the new owners come for pick up, I make them sit for at least an hour as we go through paperwork and sign contracts, etc. One male kitten who was going home with his new owners in 2014 just had to be part of the process. He climbed up onto the table where we were sitting and hung out while I was going through all the paperwork with his new owners. When it came time for signing the contract and making it official, he immediately got up, and started biting the contract we were signing. I encouraged it and said "Yeah, you want to sign it too? To make it official? That you approve of your new parents? Ok, here you go!" in which I put the sheet of paper in front of his mouth, and he proceeded to bite into it many times....as if that was his way of "signing" the contract too! It was priceless.

Who takes all your pictures??

I DO!! I have absolutely no photography experience or training. It's just a hobby. And I love taking pictures of all the kittens we produce here. I do it more for myself than I do for the new owners. It helps me remember all the beautiful loving moments while they were here with us.