Elated Havanese

Elated Havanese

Why do you choose to send your puppies home with Breedsecure’s trial policies?

#1 reason: it provides comfort/security to the new puppy owner.

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

I have always worked with animals (large and small, domestic and wild) both personally and professionally all my life. I started breeding Border Terriers shortly after my husband and I each got one and everywhere we went with them, people wanted our dogs. In fact two of our dogs were Certified Therapy Dogs visiting hospitals, seniors residences and old age homes. There were not a common breed and there was a great demand for this stoic, strong, fearless yet very loving little bundle of activity that was not being met. They are the quintessential “big dog in a little body” and we wanted everyone to be able to experience the love and companionship that our dogs gave us. As the years passed and we started to slow down in life, the energy level and activity requirements of the Border Terrier became less and less of a “fit” for our lifestyle so we researched another hypo-allergenic breed to have in our lives and serendipitously came across the Havanese. For anyone who has never experienced one, you don’t know what you’re missing!! As much as we love our Borders, the Havanese are utterly amazing.

What makes you most proud of your breeding program/kennel?

Adding love and companionship to people’s lives by providing a happy, healthy and loving new furry family member.

What is your favourite thing about Havanese dogs?

My favourite thing about the Havanese is their absolute and unending JOY OF LIFE! You will never see a moody, morose or disgruntled Havanese … they are always happy, loving, and utterly in love with their “people” and you just cannot be around a Havanese without those feelings leaching into your very being. Their joy is contagious.

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

I placed a puppy with a couple who also had a Black Russian Terrier (large dog) and not long after they brought their puppy home, when their pup was about 3 months old, there was an accident. The larger adult dog fell on the pup while they were wrestling and chasing each other and he severely broke his leg. The couple phoned to thank me profusely for having provided them with the Breedsecure trial coverage when they got their pup as they never thought about pet insurance but they sure appreciated having it.