Devine Paws

Devine Paws

How did you begin breeding Siberians and Scottish Folds?

After 10 years of breeding and showing Himalayans & Persians, our circumstances had changed, and a good friend of ours at SiberianGold cattery offered us a Siberian Forest Cat. We fell in love with the breed's dog like personality and thoroughly enjoy them greeting us at the door, following us around, snuggling up in bed or the couch, but they are also independent, and adaptable to other pets and kids. A year later, we brought in a Scottish Fold and once again fell in love with their unique personalities and their features that are similar to a Persian (flatter profile and big eyes), but without the grooming requirements, plus we love their little folded ears! But, I am sure the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" came from the Scottish Fold. They are exceptionally curious, and outgoing. They bond very closely with their people, and they enjoy having other animals and kids around.

How many shows do you attend every year?

We attend at least one show per year, and strive to attend as many as possible, working around our schedule, family and work life.

Do you find that Scottish Folds and Siberians have different personalities?

Yes, they are both unique in different ways, but have similar qualities. Siberians are a natural breed and we find their hunting skills and drive is strong (great mousers, but gentle with the kids). They are athletic and love to play for hours. Scottish Folds are also a natural breed, but they are extremely sweet and laid back. They will also play, but they don't have the same energy or instinct as the Siberian. They'd rather explore something new and touch it to see what happens. While we believe that the early stages of upbringing affects personality a great deal, both breeds are similar where they are very loyal to their people and love human companionship.

What’s your favourite thing about breeding cats?

My absolute favorite thing is hearing from people who have taken our kittens home. From the moment they meet them - the joy, the happiness, the excitement from them and their children - to many years later, when they message us to give us updates on their best friend. It brings us so much pride and joy to know we are providing well socialised, healthy, breed standard kittens for people to enjoy for many years. It's also extremely rewarding to work with families with allergies. We have successfully placed many Siberians, who naturally have lower levels of the Fel-D protein in their saliva, with families where someone has a cat allergy.

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

We have met so many amazing families and people throughout our years, that it's so hard to single out one story as most memorable. We have made many friends, and still keep in touch with many people who have taken one (or more) of our babies home.