Chatterie Dee-Lo Cattery

Chatterie Dee-Lo Cattery

Why do you send your kittens home with Breedsecure trials?

I send my kittens home with Breedsecure trials as I find it is an added bonus for my customers and it provides some security for the new owners that the breeder is a serious breeder if they have business partnerships with insurance companies and the quality of the kittens I’m sending home.

Where do your cats spend most of their time?

My cats spend a lot of time under blankets when their humans are not home to keep them warm and give them affection. When I am home they tend to be wherever I am as this breed craves human attention and warmth. They are always on me, around me or cuddling against me under the covers when it’s bed time. In the winter, I have found a trick so I can get in some “me” time, I turn on my gas fireplace and then that becomes their focus for an hour.

What makes you most proud of your cattery?

Seeing new owners go home with my littles bundles of joy, I love seeing them arriving with big smiles on their faces that they can’t contain as they know it’s finally the day when I hand over the reins of caring for my kittens to them. I know that they will bring joy, happiness and laughs to their new owners as well as making new people who they meet fall in love with the breed.

How long have you been a breeder?

I have been a breeder of Sphynx cats for over a year now but have owned sphynx for over 5 years. In the last year, I have taken the time to learn about breeding by taking courses with the Chats Canada Cats association, joining and becoming the Vice President of the Club Félin Laurentides – Lanaudiere. Going to shows and also clerking in them.

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

Yes! Funny you ask as I have to say it’s the one that will be happening this weekend. You see, at a cat show in April in Quebec City, I met an excellent young artist. She is a painter of animals. She was asking breeders if she could go on our websites and look at the pictures we have for inspiration of future paintings.

When she found out that I was breeding Sphynx (hairless cats) she was like ewww, I so don’t like that breed. I answered back that usually that is the response of someone who has never met or interacted with one as everything usually changes after being seduced by the breed for 10 minutes.

We left it off like that as I had to go clerk at the show and we were about to start. I didn’t really have a chance to speak to her again that weekend as clerking took up all my time.

About a week later, I had taken new pictures of the kittens I had and some were still available as my customers wanted darker kittens, well no sooner had I posted, she contacted me and asked if my little Axel was still available and then she reserved him when she found out he was.

I asked her what changed? She said after spending the weekend at the show and seeing them up close and how affectionate they are, she fell in love and when she saw Axel, she knew he was meant for her. She has been counting down the days since then. I’m so looking forward to seeing her smile this weekend.