Why do you choose to send your puppies home with Breedsecure’s trial policies?

Have been sending my puppies home with Breedsecure for many years now. I think it is a great programme for new puppy buyers.

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

I bought my first shihtzu and fell in love, purchased a second and got hooked on showing, hence breeding to have new show prospects.

What makes you most proud of your breeding program/kennel?

In the past 35+years my breeding programme and Kennel has produced multiple Canadian/ American Champions, Multiple BIS dogs world wide


What do you enjoy most about breeding?

Love my puppies, show or pets are all a pleasure to raise

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

I placed a little girl with a lady with health problems, this little dog made a huge turnaround in this lady's life, even so that the family Doctor wanted to meet the little dog that helped her so much.