Berkden Golden Retrievers

Berkden Golden Retrievers

Why do you choose to send your puppies home with Breedsecure’s trial policies?

There are several reasons that I feel it is important to incorporate pet insurance from a reputable company in my puppy adoption packages. I feel that this coverage gives the new owners peace of mind. If medical problems arise in the first six weeks of the puppy arriving at their home, they have insurance to help with the expenses. In the six week trial period I encourage the family to research the packages that are available from Breedsecure, and choose the one that would best suit their needs for continued coverage after the trial period has concluded. I find that this coverage also gives me peace of mind. I know that the new family will not have to make a decision on medical care based on finances during this time period. Furthermore, I believe offering this free coverage to new owners, shows the level of care and commitment that I have for every puppy that I adopt. I feel this portrays to the new owner my level of professionalism, and helps give them confidence in choosing me as their breeder.

Can you tell us the story of how you began breeding?

I have worked in the veterinary profession for many years, and it was due to this career choice that I developed a devotion and respect for this breed. It was never my intention to become a breeder when I got my first golden, however, I decided that I would like the opportunity to preserve the breed, and to make choices in my breeding program in order to better the breed. After having my first litter several years ago, I realized that it was something that I enjoyed, and I hope to continue my breeding program for many years to come.

What makes you most proud of your breeding program/kennel?

What makes me the most proud of who I am and the program that I have developed, is how pleased people are with the puppies that I produce. My breeding dogs are carefully selected and screened for genetics, health concerns, temperament and confirmation. After the new owners first vet visit, where they get their veterinarians medical opinion on their new family member, I receive outstanding reports. During the years that follow, owners send me pictures and feedback explaining how wonderful the dogs are and how pleased they continue to be. The feeling I get when I know that they are satisfied with their dog, and their gratitude for what I have produced for them, makes what I do worth it. For every minute of worry and every sleepless night during delivery, I know there are many families that are happy that I do what I do.

Berkden Golden Retrievers

What is your favorite thing about Golden Retrievers?

It is hard to limit this answer to just one thing. If you have ever had the privilege of living with a Golden Retriever you will understand why this is difficult. I guess my answer would be their love of life. They are full of love and devotion for their families, and their reason for living is to be with their people. It is for this reason that they suit a variety of family situations, as they integrate themselves into the family unit. They truly are a pleasure to live with and a great companion.

Do you have one adoption story that stands out as your most memorable?

About a year and a half ago I had a lady contact me that was interested in adopting a puppy for her four children. She came to meet me and the puppies, and I knew immediately that she would be a wonderful home for a Golden Retriever. She told me that her children had been asking for a puppy for a long time, and she decided that she would keep the adoption a secret and surprise them. On the day she was to pick up her puppy she told her children that they were going to visit a friend of hers. She told them that this friend had a litter of puppies, and thought that they would enjoy playing with them. She introduced me to her children and had them interact with the litter for a little while. After some time passed she told her children that she had been to visit me several times, and that I had agreed that her family could adopt a puppy. Her oldest son was sitting on the floor with me and had a puppy sitting on his lap when he heard the news. Upon hearing that he was getting what he had wanted for so long, he lowered his head and buried his face in the puppy’s fur. Not a word was spoken for a long period of time, and when he raised his head and looked at me he was crying. Well to be honest, he was sobbing. I have never seen a young man so overcome with joy. Before long there was not a dry eye in the room. Seeing pure joy on someone’s face is something that I will never forget.