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I placed a puppy with a couple who also had a Black Russian Terrier (large dog) and not long after they brought their puppy home, when their pup was about 3 months old, there was an accident. The larger adult dog fell on the pup while they were wrestling and chasing each other and he severely broke his leg. The couple phoned to thank me profusely for having provided them with the Breedsecure trial coverage when they got their pup as they never thought about pet insurance but they sure appreciated having it.

Jane M. Testimonial

Jane M.

We want our puppy families to feel confident that should a medical condition or emergency arrive they are not on their own. Breedsecure gives our puppy families as well as our puppies the security to know that they are taken care of and they dont have to worry about being able to provide a medical service for their pet they cant afford. We encourage our puppy families to keep their coverage going after their trial policy expires.

Cowboy Up Testimonial

Nathalie G.

Petsecure pet health insurance has helped so many of our cats and is why Toreador Cats sends ALL of its kittens home with a free trial of the insurance.
Thank you so much for all the help over the years!

Cowboy Up Testimonial

Angela H.

There are several reasons that i feel it is important to incorporate pet insurance from a reputable company in my puppy adoption packages. I feel that this coverage gives the new owners peace of mind. if medical problems arise in the first six weeks of the puppy arriving at their home, they have insurance to help with the expenses. In the six week trial period I encourage the family to research the packages that are available from Breedsecure and choose the one that would best suit their needs for continued coverage after the trial period has concluded. I find that this coverage also gives me peace of mind. I know that the new family will not have to make a decision on medical care based on finances during this time period. Furthermore, I beleive offering this free coverage to new owners shows the level of care and commitment that I have for every puppy that I adopt. I feel this portrays to the new owner my level of professionalism and helps give them confidence in choosing me as their breeder.

Shelley D. Testimonial

Shelley D.

I send all of my puppies home with Breedsecure's trial policies because I believe it does two things...first, it provides each new family with the security they need for those first few weeks as their new family member settles in, and secondly, it shows that we are confident in the health of the puppies we produce. As with any insurance, the best thing is if you have it and never need it...but I would never want any of my puppy families to need it, and now have it. Our puppies go home with our kennel's health guarantee but PetSecure gives them that extra insurance for those emergencies that can happen.

Candice L. Testimonial

Candice L.
British Columbia

As a responsible breeder, my goal is to educate my puppy families. The astronomical costs of vet care and the topic of pet insurance is an important discussion. It is a decision that needs serious thought and the trial gives my families time to a make that decision all the while being covered in those first few weeks.

Candice L. Testimonial

New Brunswick